Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jason lytle: first listen

things that make shar's day:
1.) jason lytle first listen on npr. okay, i guess shar can stop putting the new st. vincent on repeat now. helllllo jason! oh man, all this great music form my fav artists all in my favorite month of may.

oh man, just finished my first listen and it's perfect for this gloomy, wet day. jason, shar hearts you times infinity. you capture melancholy in the most apropos way. i'm really digging "i am lost (and the moment cannot last)" and "this song is the must button". ready to hit repeat.

2.) morning run in prospect park in the sprinkling rain. it's refreshing and prolly the little pocket of dryishness i'm getting this week. i forgot about the cars on weekdays. right at 8am they let them in. it's scary. you think bikes whizzing by is bad, not so friend.

3.) the lil birdie that woke me up chirping on my fire escape/urban balcony. shar is the urban snow white.

4.) looking forward to cinco de mayo tacos in spanish harlem with dean, jin yu and jen.

1 comment:

jac said...

i thought he was will ferrell for a second

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