Saturday, July 11, 2009

back to back

lukewarm summer concert so far: pains of being pure at heart at south street seaport. shar was looking forward to this free gig and well she came out underwhelmed. maybe it was where i was standing but the sound was a bit off. it was aiiight the friday before for here we go magic. kip's voices were decent but peggy was virtually unaudible aside from her profession of her love for pizzeria uno.

best return: jason lytle at
union hall. i haven't seen this kid in over 2 years on the farewell grandaddy tour. i raced from south street to brooklyn to catch his set. i was there before he went on, however the crowds had descended, so i was unable to be upfront which is where you have to be at union hall to see anything. much different than the last time i saw him at cafe du nord with tables and chairs. i was only a couple feet away from him preshow when he was chatting with his merch peeps. i kicked myself for not saying something about how much his music rules and loving his new tunes. this is the best shot i got of him from where i was standing.

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