Friday, July 10, 2009

fltgc - black acid co-op

best interactive fltgc: jonah freeman and justin lowe's black acid co-op at deitch (wooster). when shar read about this upcoming exhibit, she was enthused to say the least. a maze of "art" is shar's cup of tea. it was a packed crew with jac, zaid, julie and jenni. weeeeeeeee! first off you gotta sign a waiver to get in to the maze. once inside you will see this.

"looks like one of those handbag stores"

jac? can you take a pic of me in the fridge? (that's for you, jenni)
upstairs in the den of love
downstairs in the faux herb storefront.
we were all left feeling a little dirty after the maze. the stale musky stench gave those nursing a hangover reason for an early exit.

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