Friday, July 24, 2009

fltgc: soho trifecta

return to soho fltgc: harris lieberman + marc jancou + zurcher = soho trifecta. back on the east coast, so there is much needed gallery crawlin'. this crawl is not for the faint of heart, so shar and cofounder jac crawled thine route.

first up, harris lieberman for no bees, no blueberries. shar loves how hl uses it's gallery space. i was impressed but the last show of monochromaticness and the color involvement in the latest installation was niiice.

jac got this entire sheet of stickers.

we made a pit stop in kate werble because the whimsical cut outs by emily landon. shar vs. bear!

continuing the crawl we hit marc jancou, which is situated in the lovely great jones alley. there was the ny debut of brit ross chisholm. tony did a nice write-up a couple weeks back.

last but not least was zurcher studios for the wild feature group show. i liked john hodany's his geometric works of paper.


noble beeyotch said...

ohh...the sheet of stickers is so i want one too...

Angelina said...

Great exhibits! Looks like you & Jac had lot of fun! I was just thinking this morning how I can't wait to come out to the NYC to hang out with you!

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