Friday, July 31, 2009

kelly clarkson on gma

proof why shar hearts kelly: not only getting up at 5am to get to her gig at rumsfield park, but also standing through not one but two crazy downpours. shar hearts her some kelly even if she has to endure the baneful chatter for prepubescent girls. i saw her first back in september 2005 where her performance wasn't up to par but then she did this. she had me as a fan forever and so a little rain and an early morning wake up call is the least i could do. here's a little video of kelly sound checking here latest single "already gone" and some choice snaps.

kelly performed "already gone", "walk away" and "if i can't have you". she also tossed in an abridged "since u been gone".

guy fieri, enjoying soundcheck between his segment makinga smore pizza
the lady next to me won an autographed guitar


Angelina said...

Wow very cool!! You are a true fan! I don't know if I could have endured 2 crazy downpours to scope out a sound check. But then again, there aren't any awesome things to see like that here in the Bay.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shar! Jac pointed me your way so I could read your review. I taped it but wish I could've been there live! Hey -- is it okay if I post your blog and vids on the KC message board I'm a part of? It might already be there (those prebuscent girls on the board are quite resourceful), but if it's not, I'd love to share your thoughts!

Veron said...

Oops, my fingers got trigger happy with all the KC talk. This is Veronica!

sharock said...

veronica, totally go for it! share the kelly love!

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