Saturday, August 1, 2009

frank lloyd wright

best line and form: frank lloyd wright: from within outward at the guggenheim. i've been meaning to check out this primo exhibit. it was the perfect excursion while andy was in town. i've been fascinated with flw since my college history professor would random cast aside the sixties to continue lecturing on the prarie houses. i was hooked. as an architect's daughter it's only fitting that i'm drawn to wright's genius. i really wish i could teleport my dad so he could enjoy with me. i was like whoa my dad writes just like flw, but andy told me that's how they teach you to write in drafting class. if you have had the pleasure of getting a christmas card from my family, you'll notice the precise penmanship my dad has. i love getting mail from him. you could say dad has pretty great line and form too.

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