Friday, September 4, 2009

fltgc: kehinde wiley and davis rhodes

return to fltgc: kehindle wiley's black light at deitch and davis rhodes's untitled '09 at team gallery. shar was excited for wiley's latest exhibit. i was first introduced to him last fall when i saw his show, down, at the wooster space. this was a new look at his works as photography versus the photorealistic painting we have come to signify with wiley's style. jac likes the one to the right because of the expression of the subjects face. kinda like a deer in headlights, no?

davis rhodes creates "paintings" that are spray painted on vinyl and staples them up for display. this installation method creates a sculptural form. his concept challenges the way we view painting. some might see the works as vinyl canvases simply broken through. art with little pretense and thought, but there is craft in simplicity even though it doesn't always seem that way. check it out and you be the judge. it's up until october 3.


Naddy17 said...

Hey this was a Pretty good blog.
I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about kehinde wiley for me if you don't mind? I am currently doing a project on him and i need some fans or people who know a little about his work to talk to.

So if anything can you please get back to me before friday 12.18.09! If you cannot thanks anyway.

here are the questions you can email me the answers with the questions.

What do you think Kehinde Wiley was trying to do when he painted models posed like the figures from paintings in the past?

What do you think Kehinde Wiley's point is? Do you think Kehinde Wiley got his point across in his paintings?

Who do you think was the targeted audience for Kehinde Wiley's paintings?

Would you end up buying Kehinde Wiley's paintings? If so which one would it be and why? Do you like Kehinde Wiley's paintings?

Why do you think Kehinde Wiley picked the particular poses he has?

Why does he use exclusively African American men in his portraits?

Why does he dress his models in urban wear and have them pose like people from the past?

Why do you think he uses such feminine backgrounds in the portraits?

Again thank you so much with any help you can give!

sharock said...

naddy17, thanks for reading and i can help you out. just let me know where to send the answers. i'll ask a bunch of my friends who went to the show and are aware of kehinde too.

Naddy17 said...

I'm so sorry im late with repsonding but you can send the answeres to
Thank you so much.

Artsyisa said...

I would love the answer to those questions!

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