Friday, October 23, 2009

fltgc: harris lieberman and kate werble galleries

perfect fltgc pairing: harris lieberman and kate werble galleries. i've paried the two of these galleries together previously, but today the exhibits seemed to especially flow nicely together. starting with alexandre singh's assembly instruction (tangential logick) at harris lieberman, the monochromatic pieces align to diagram a playful commentary on religion to consumerism. singh is giving four free lectures at white columns at the conclusion of his exhibit on november 9-12.

at the front gallery of hl is bernd ribbeck's vibrant small paintings of geometric composition. he uses indian inks to create these eye catching works. these were my favs.

the bright colors flowed nicely into the newly opened pinch pots and pyramids exhibit at kate werble. i was first drawn to liliane lijn's rainbow glazed pyramids.
it was color goodness for this week's fltgc.

liliane's sig is niiiiice. i think she was behind me when i took this.

oops, shot vert and i don't have fancy edit capabilities. turn your head. looks about right. liliane lijn's fire and ice.

sam moyer, brings our gallery crawl from color back to mono.

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jac said...

the geomtric paintings remind of eric carle's collages! you know.. like this guy

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