Friday, November 27, 2009

fltgc: new museum

limited fltgc: urs fischer at new museum. thanks to one bill bob todd. shar was able to get into the pricey and somewhat underwhelming contemporary museum in les. i haven't been back since the 24-hour free opening day. apparently urs was part of the "unmonumental" exhibition, but i can't recall the piece. anyhow, i had read a lukewarm review of the show in tony, so my expectations were low. i came out pleasantly in the middle. i enjoyed his large scale aluminum pieces on the fifth floor and melting pink light post a la dali. there was no photography but i was able to get these in the stairway to the fourth floor.

weiner and carrot fluorescents
or cucumber
fourth floor was sparse, but the subtle wallpaper was a nice touch and the cheeky double signage painted near the elevator. i almost missed the painted hook and the real hook side by side. funny enough the painted hook had the note to return the info card. the last floor of urs fischer's exhibit was the most disappointing to me. i dunno large scale images on chrome doesn't really send my art heart into a tizzy.

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