Friday, November 20, 2009

FLTGC: team gallery and glowlab

fltgc pairing: team gallery and glowlab. shar's never paired the two for fltgc in the past. it boggles my mind since they are a natural fit. only blocks away from each other. i suppose i pair them with deitch most of the time. so anyhoot, first up was team gal for the slater bradley if we were immortal exhibit. lots of joy division faux album covers based on obscure b-sides and so that were fabricated by bradley's imagination.

bradley, apparently more well-known for his video works, only has one in the exhibit, which was what captured my attention most. it consisted of four screens that projected sea foam. i'm a sucker for the beach. check it out. it's up until december 19.

at glowlab, alex lukas has his first solo show in new york. the eventuality of daybreak muses over disaster in some well-known cities. lukas takes old coffee table books and paints over cityscapes. i spotted chicago a few times and new york.

oh yes, and my sweet hometown sf.


Glowlab said...

Just wanted to thank you for writing about us and coming by to see the show! Very glad you enjoyed it!


sharock said...

my pleasure! can't wait to see what's up next.

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