Friday, January 29, 2010

fltgc: gallery hanahou

best new edition to fltgc: gallery hanahou. this a rec from mel that jac, laura and i were happy to visit. the art literally is so cute it hurts. jac saved me because i forgot my camera. all photo credits go to her. shar loves these tiny hidden galleries.

marc johns, "obsess for two hours instead of three." = my fav

laura to the left and someone's arse admiring artwork pictured below

ryan berkley, "i'm in control, my worries are few"

collab painting

laura's fav = unhabitable mansion's "this is your chance to be positive"

shen plum's "the year of the tiger". reeeooow, jac's fav.

also if you aren't on cute overload, check out these cuties at the interactive gallery 88point5. fm knob for the q.

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