Saturday, February 13, 2010

a woman's wit: jane austen's life and legacy

must visit: morgan library. shar's been wanting to hit up the jane austen exhibit and the venue. they have glass elevators and the security guards have a great sense of humor. i was greeted with a question of whether i had some dinner for him in my mary poppins-like bag. niiice!

it was happening last night. (note: morgan library has free admission friday night from 7-9pm.) the exhibit was not packed but cozy. there's something enthralling from seeing ms. austen's actual penmanship. here's an example of jane's cross writing. paper was a luxury, so often times they would write over to conserve.

the exhibit also had a great short film, the divine jane, directed by francesco carrozzini. watch it below. there are more additional vids from luminaries giving their reflections on austen. one of favs is cornel west.

the piece made me interweb carrozzini and i came across this jgl gem. i think jane would have found him swoon-worthy as well.


Andy Joe said...
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Andy Joe said...

west on austen--great find. and i've never seen that cross-writing before. wish i could have seen the exhibit, too.

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