Wednesday, March 17, 2010

lies maculan's dream shop

preemptive fltgc: lies maculan's dream shop. shar heard about this magical shop from refinery 29. i contacted lies who was more than happy to give me a little tour of her installation. she literally went through all the objects in her dream shop. it was a treat and so clever. she said that she bought most of the objects she shot. 80% of them she still has and the rest were borrowed, like the geese and you know the family.

lies was lounging in the back with her friend who stopped by with his dog. she was a gracious hostess and offered me a drink. she made me solerno cocktail, similar to what was served opening night. stop by before march 30 before the dreams disappear.

dreams of flight, being a hero, sex with an ex
das schlafgemach (the dream)

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