Saturday, March 13, 2010

marina abramavic: the artist is present

must performance art piece: marina abramavic's the artist is present. shar had the pleasure of going to member preview day for this retrospective of ms. abramavic's works spanning 40 years. marina is there everyday until may 31 and you can sit across from her as long as you like. this dude was there the whole duration of my visit.

in the penthouse of the moma, there's quite a bit of video and skin. it's true that there is a passage where you do have to walk pass two nudes. i ventured twice since the first time i was able to go straight on without grazing either performer. i went again facing a male. it was tight to say the least. i also laid in the "green dragon", which is a marble slab with a quartz pillow. the quartz is suppose to emit energy. i was ready to nap there. shar = performance art.

don't miss the very moving video of marina and ex-partner ulay performing "the great wall of china". a piece in which they traversed 2500 km each. ulay from the gobi desert and marina from the yellow sea. they met and said goodbye in their final work together. you can see the usually stoic marina shedding tears.

i never really followed performance art much. in fact, when my friend told me about this opening i immediately thought of the episode of satc when carrie meets the russsian. that piece, my friends, was marina's.

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Mollie said...

That was such a great exhibit... and the video was truly touching. And I enjoyed watching Shar's own piece of performance art :)

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