Monday, March 15, 2010

marcel dzama at book court

belated first meeting: marcel dzama at book court. it's funny i never went to book court when i lived in the hood and it's surprisingly bigger than the exterior would suggest. anyhoot, i descended upon this lovely indie book store to meet the one and only marcel dzama. brought my poster from this show and purchased aux mille tours. i, unlike others *cough*bill*cough*, restrained from stacks of books. marcel was uber gracious and carefully drew in each of them.

he took special care with this little adorable blonde dude to the left. asking him what he liked to draw, in which he replied people and buses. marcel doodled this for him.

ahem, my fav of all the drawings marcel did for bill.
marcel on his "signing olympics"
shar's batty for marcel.
i asked marcel if he had plans for another venture into music videos when signing below. he has been tapped for a joanna newsome ditty which would reunited him with patrick daughters, but funds are scarce so the future does not look bright. who wants to fund raise with me?

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