Friday, August 6, 2010

return of fltgc: gagosian

return of fltgc: picasso at gagosian. shar's been slacking on the art front. mostly because there aren't many galleries near my new work locale, except for the gagosian. so i've recalibrated my priorities from wunderlusting to refocusing on some arty goodness. gagosian was my first stop.

shar's not a huge fan of picasso, but this retrospective of his "mediterrarean years: 1945-62" was eye-opening. i always knew picasso was a mish mosh artist dabbling in all sorts of mediums, but the sliver of goodness i saw was much better than the exhibit sfmoma put on a couple years back. i was quite taken aback by his linocuts and painting of les enfantes. (hanna, there was a statue of your owl tat.) i may go back again for another soaking of picasso kookiness. it's up until 28 august.

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