Wednesday, February 16, 2011

baths at mercury lounge

worthy late school night gig: baths at mercury lounge. fifth sold out gig. braids opening. kids this was well worth the sleep i would not be getting.

i hadn't heard of braids until the day before the show. i've seen their name pop up on daytrotter and various other music blogs, but it's always pleasant to go to a gig and have a stellar line up to dole out the tunes. dare i say i liked braids better than baths just a teeny weenie bit more.

fellow concert goer rachel gave a nice comparison to the dirty projectors. braids emote similar choral like vocals backed against interwoven loops and chords. friends, this is my here comes spring album of 2011. if you are in bk, come over for a listen. i got their recently released "native speaker" on vinyl. will sound soooo delicious. just you hear.

not knowing the face of will wiesenfeld (aka baths), i only realized after he hit that stage that he had used my shoulders as support getting off the stage during sound check. my pal kristin clued me in this this uber dancy, happy solo outfit. she heard it from this guy. thanks dudes! i had heard rumblings that will doesn't deliver the goods live, but i can clear those rumors up by letting you know this lady was dancing. he brought that feeling i had when i first heard mgmt's "time to pretend". that urge to dance even when the too cool for school tell you to repress that feeling. must stand still. oh no friends, baths will make y'all dance. it will infect you. not only the the tunes, but will's sincere love for music. encouraging us to dance because it makes him dance. introducing "animals" with a "this song is so eff' cute". so true will, so true.

dear will, please play my rooftop bday party. it will be epic. you already gave me thumbs up on the braids vinyl purchase. you should really swing by for a listen. yes?

nuff silliness, here are vids of the kid in action.

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