Friday, February 18, 2011

much much MUCH belated fltgc: gallery hanahou and swiss institute. i've had an empty place in my heart as i've been neglecting my baby, the fltgc. i'm sorry. i and co-founder jac are back in action though and that's quite the feat.

first up was the group show curated by bil dovovan - fashion illustration: visual poetry. mr. donovan i learned is the resident illustrator for the house of dior. ends february 25, so get hopping fashionistas.

little red riding hood
bil donovan
erotic ramen, jac's fav
my fav, samantha hahn

and to finish off the fltgc pairing, karlheinz weinberger's intimate stranger at the swiss institute. i'd been eying this exhibit when it was highlighted by tony. black and white rebels are right up my alley. helllllo stranger!
reminds me of an a.p.c. ad

looks like winona ryder circa beetlejuice with a dash of juliette lewis, no?
jac lounges in the lovely swiss institute reading room
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