Friday, March 18, 2011

fltgc: drawing center and artists space

summer like fltgc: artist space and drawing center. it was unseasonably sunny and warm. hard to pop indoors for art, but i did. soakwd up as many rays as i could get walking a mere 10 blocks.
artist space for mark morrisroe: from this moment. this retrospective is a collection of his intimate polaroids, photograms and collages of layer prints. some of the most poignant shots were of morrisroe's last stages of his battle with hiv.
to pair off fltgc, i hit up the drawing center for drawn from photography. the photorealistic pieces and visually playful drawings were front and center. fun to see a familiar artist, mary temple, i was introduced to at volta.
this one's for you andy.

andrea bowers

dr. lakra, recommended by bill

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