Friday, April 8, 2011

b gallery = owl goodness

must fltgc poster: ryan mcginley owl poster for agnes b's b gallery. the new space opened just this past saturday on howard street. the store is spacious enough to host an open area to lounge and view art. currently pieces from agnes' personal collection sprinkle the walls, from the likes of dash snow to louise bourgeois. i got talking to the gallerist and she said they anticipate having the space open up into the streets come summer or when spring arrives for us new yorkers. she gave me the inside scoop on the upcoming may exhibit, which will feature a young french woman who is currently still in school but producing photographs worthy of agnes' liking. so kids of ny , pick up your mcginley because you know it's in to put a bird on it. and my west coast friends, maybe this ny friend would be inclined to grab ya one.

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