Friday, August 19, 2011

fltgc: hilary lloyd @ artists space

best transatlantic fltgc: hilary lloyd at artist space. another exhibit caught before closing. shar hasn't been on her a- game for her gallery crawling. i'm slowly but surely getting back to it. hilary's debut in new york was perfectly placed in the expansive loft space of artists space. i've always admired the gallery "hidden" in the the unassuming 3rd floor of a nondescript building on wooster street in soho.

walk into a minimal installation of flat screen tvs, projecting slides and video collages. hilary has capture the remarkable shapes and shadows of the mundane everyday. i was particularly taken with the hovering shoulders barely grazing in back light and the simplicity of a sweeping foot as the shadows swap back and forth. hilary's art begs for a soundtrack. i could hear sigur ros or garth stevenson (recent find from all the kula teachers playing it during class). show ends tomorrow so if you can make it, do! you can definitely see why hilary was nominated for the turner prize this year.

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