Friday, October 7, 2011

fltgc: lehmann maupin, salon 94 freemans, canada

best keeping with routine: fltgc.  ha getting back to the swing of friday lunch time gallery crawlin'.  i managed to pry myself off my desk to some sunshine and art.  on the route, lehmann maupin, salon 94 - freeman's outpost and canada (a newbie to fltgc).  

first stop: mickalene thomas at lehmann maupin. mickalene creates collages with archival pieces. she also likes frames on frames, which produce an almost magnified quality to the subjects of her pieces.  she also likes polaroids. really big polaroids

next stop: salon 94 in freeman's alley for dzine's imperial nail salon.  it's blingiest shop in town.

oh i saw a new hanksy in the alley too.

last stop: canada for carrie moyer's abstract paintings.  it's got influences of georgia o'keffe, no?  drawing from flowers and sea life.  

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