Friday, February 10, 2012

fltgc: juergen teller and mark price

best unintentional artist run-in's: juergen teller and mark price. shar's getting back in the gallery crawlin' saddle and happy to have today.  first up the newly opened juergen teller exhibit at lehmann maupin.  i was jazzed to be one of the early kids getting in before the opening reception tonight, and i was in for another treat when mr. teller waked in with a few black coat cronies. what got me was his german accent which i remembered from this time.  for his latest exhibit, juergen mixes photos of kristen mcmenamy, vivienne westwood, william eggleston and pics around his home in suffolk.  i enjoyed the latter best.  

sorry my head is in the glare

then, i hit up an oldie but goodie that since has been renamed kesting/ray (formerly christina ray and glowlab). the new mark price exhibit, hyper 20xx, opened last night and i sadly missed the reception.  i had some crazy mojo because mark was there with his family.   it was really sweet and i got reintroduced to mark by christina. i love the direction that his work is going.  more assemblage and text, but still playing with layers of screen print.  love it!

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