Thursday, July 12, 2012

neko case at wfc

best repeat viewing without the fee: neko case at world financial center as part of the lowdown hudson blues festival.  i caught neko over two years back.  she didn't disappoint then or tonight.  it was a perfect summer night in lower manhattan with boats docked, swaying to the soothing vocals of one red headed siren just at sunset.  all i needed was a date, but somehow neko was still great solo with her woefully lonesome lyrics, especially on "i wish i was the moon."  she hit up a bunch from fox confessor brings the flood, starting with "that teenage feeling" and "margaret vs. pauline." she debuted a new song about dating your dad who is really your mom.  gosh, that neko. kelly hogan, as always, provided witty sidekick comments greeting the folks in the towering office buildings. the set with tied up nicely with neko encoring with "don't forget me."  best outdoor summer show so far this year.

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