Friday, January 17, 2014

andalucia leg 2: antequera - malaga

we were lucky to get clear days until up day 3 of our trip. rain had been forecasted for the whole week of our trek through andalucia (bookended by lisbon). after top tourist cities sevilla and ronda, we ended up in the quaint (blast back in time) city of antequera. angela and i love to go off the beaten path and were relieved to finally shake of the korean tour groups. 
torcal in the fog
foggy torcal, but happy shar
angela navigating through a tight spot on ruta amarilla
dolmen de viera
room with a view into plaza san sebastian
peña de los enamorados (lover's rock) at sunrise (antequera)
paz y libertad - shepard fairey in malaga!
close up up of the press that print thousands of picasso prints

we spent most of our day in malaga at the museo carmen thyssen málaga, the museo picasso málaga and picasso's birthpace.

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