Wednesday, March 16, 2016

let the madness restart

i haven't filled out a bracket in 5 years largely because my previous gentleman's bets with a former colleague are no longer. last year i was in the throws of an incredible and eventual championship ending warriors run. it's not to say i'm not going to follow my dubs as they chase a repeat. i remember getting soaked up in the madness post-college (i went to a division 4 school) while working at my local cbs station. games watched at our desks and then running to the news room when games got tight as a cinderella emerged. ahh those were the days! somehow i am coming back. i haven't been following any of the tournies leading up to selection sunday, but i'm going on my fading memory and gut on old faves. so here it is in all it's glory. let's go jayhawks! you helped me win in 2008 and my geek out.

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