Sunday, June 22, 2008

p.s. 1 and deitch

exhibit continued: time your time: olafur eliasson at p.s. 1. i had to see the rest of the exhibit after checking out the moma portion. the yin to the yang if you will. i really enjoyed the reverse waterfall in the basement and the revolving mirror room. kristin totally got me jazzed about it with her illegal photos on her visit. sue took some of the gang (jac, robert, sue, mel, bill, gloria, jason, saki and i) being kooky too. a little blurry but you get the picture of the fun we had.

new fav gallery space: deitch studios in lic. the crew headed from p.s. 1 to the deitch river front studios. we checked out the absolutely venomous accurately fallacious exhibit. it was crazy. the guy working there said we would prolly be the only visitors of the day. that's sad. good visit this space. it rules! also, he was saying how they are having lots of cool upcoming stuff, like swoon's exhibit in september that will feature a boat that you can ride on the the river. there will also be bands playing the studios. the studios are a little tucked away like buried treasure. apparently the neighbor's wanna keep the place on the DL.

proof that peeps with names beginning in "s" rule:

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