Friday, April 17, 2009

fltgc: 38 ludlow

best new fltgc member: zaid. he submitted 38 ludlow into the mix, taking me outside the norm soho/tribeca surrounds. hurrah zaid! unfortunately i had a miscomm with jac, cofounder of fltgc, so she could not attend. will we ever crawl again? we do have plans for wider crawl for a yet decided upon weekend for those unable to make friday lunch time. we haven't done one since last year.

onto the art, duncan campbell created a whimsical 16mm film, sigmar, that infuses drawn animation, paint splotches, panned objects to a soundtrack of nein's. nein neIN NEIN! the gallery also has a few of prints that accompany the film made by campbell and sigmar polke. the front half of the gallery is part of the artist's installation as well, with stairs that lead you closer to the ceiling and back down to the screening room in the back. the staff at 38 ludlow are super friendly and german. catch sigmar before is closes this sunday.

fyi: the gallery is also participating in les art crawl tomorrow.

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