Friday, July 3, 2009

fltgc: governors island

must fltgc excursion: governor's island. shar's had to gallery crawl alone for the past couple and slightly fearing the demise of fltgc. she stayed strong. lo and behold saki and anthony were game for some remote fltgc away from the usual soho, tibeca and les locales. this edition was even complete with bikes. shar byob, however those not fortunate enough to own one can ride free for an hour thanks to free bike fridays. too bad there was an uber long line and paying for ones didn't work because they ran out of bikes quickly. :( saki and anthony were bikeless, but saki did ride mine until it started to pour.
when the rain clouds cleared we hit plot/09: this world an nearer ones. we went backwards on the route but still enjoyed ourselves. there was a "haunted house" with edgar arceneaux's sound canon double projection, where a low sound waves to give you the heeby jeebies. then a huge wind chime and hammocks as a part of klaus weber's large dark wind chime. look how nicely anthony poses with it. 10 minutes later a kid decided to hang from the wind chime and broke a cable on it.

we entered
st. cornelius chapel for anthony mccall's between you and i. it was pitch dark so if you are afraid of the dark you have been warned. it's worth the venture into pitch darkness to be amongst the geometric lights. it's most fun and you'll be in the spot light literally.

judi werthein's la tierra de los libres
don't forget to pick up patti smith and her daughter jesse's audio piece, messages in a bottle, while you traverse the island.

lastly we hit up the sculpture guild's formative lines: working in drawing and sculpture, where i saw the loverily sculpture. i want it for my apartment.

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