Friday, September 11, 2009

fltgc: anna sui

random break from fltgc: anna sui target pop-up store. fashion as art i suppose for this week's edition of fltgc. jac and i braved the windy and wet weather to check out the fuss over the gossip girl inspired threads. i only took a few pics because i was a bit irked by the random models lounging. very serena and blair. there is a good gallery of the visual design of the pop-up here.

one of the dresses in the collection. prolly the most age appropriate for moi. i really wanted this skirt but they didn't have any more in my size. i did like the orange and brown palette for the vanessa look. i'm more a bk gal anyhow i suppose.

1 comment:

Angelina said...

Too bad they didn't have that skirt in your size. I could totally see you in it!

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