Friday, October 2, 2009

fltgc: earth room and HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE

best escape: fltgc. work sucked, so today's art excursion was just what shar needed to clear her head. this was a solo effort while co-founder jac is on the west coast. first up was deitch for the tauba auerbach show, HERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE. her works are of grand scale, playing with the ideas of 2d and 3d. her paintings allude to 3d action but in actuality are flat. cases in point:

this subtle detailing reminds me of some snake skin.
this one resembles crinkled newsprint.
the centerpiece of the exhibit is auerglass, the two person pump organ by auerbach and collaborator cameron mesirow. each player has to supply wind for the other player's notes. the two ladies that graced us with their talents donned costumes by ida falck øien. the tunes from the organ reminded me of a soundtrack for mermaids swimming under the sea.

you can check it out for yourself tuesday thru saturday at 5pm. pipes are packed up october 17, so you gots two more weeks people.

second stop was the earth room (thanks jesse for the rec). okay, this wasn't as awe inspiring as the broken kilometer, but it totally made me think about how it could be a huge compost room.

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