Friday, April 30, 2010

fltgc: eleven rivington and scaramouche

first timers to fltgc: brooke and jesse. jesse is a pal that my buddy marie introed me. she told me that her pal needed someone to gallery crawl with in ny . hello, i am shar. i welcome all orphaned crawlers. brooke was visiting from philly and is a art lover extraordinaire.

we hit up eleven rivington for the hilary berseth exhibit. hilary is a pal of my coworker rachel. she'd raved about it last weekend, so we had to check it out. he does amazing things with honey bees, but that wasn't on show. instead there are some great coral-like copper sculptures and methodical dotted grids. that's me mesmerized on the right. you can't see the dots but they are there. hilary reveals the method to the dot madness on the sides of his paintings. fun!

next up was lehmann maupin for the lee bul exhibit. this was an impromptu visit, and i was pleasantly surprised by the by the hanging smorgasbord of metal and wood. it's an interesting juxtaposition of mixed materials into intricate, yet weird pieces.

last up was scaramouche. this was a jesse pick. cristiana palandri's "sculptures" are a bit morbid for me. she, too, like hilary uses bees wax, but she throws in human hair and some animals bones to round it out. i'm not entirely sure i got this.

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