Sunday, March 6, 2011

armory 2011 and volta

okay every year the armory show is an art marathon. get in early and within 2 hours you want to escape. this year was no different. i have to say i left not as jazzed as last year. more established artist and less new discoveries for me. don't get me wrong, i love me my oldies but goodies.
susan hiller

chris johanson
peter liversidge - "i propose that any visitor to the armory show who stands in front of, and reads this proposal should approach a member of ingleby gallery staff with a single dollar bill.
the dollar bill will be taken from them and embossed with a text piece."
edward del rosario
glad to see one of my london galleries - seventeen at armory with abigail reynolds
erwin wurm
jacob hashimoto
kehinde wiley
hirst incognito?
volta , on the other hand, was all new to me and after the crazy crowds at armory i was ready for respite.
mini portraits by oana farcas

laurina paperina

christina benz

jim houser

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