Friday, July 22, 2011

alexander mcqueen: savage beauty

worth the wait exhibit: alexander mcqueen: savage beauty at the met. shar's been meaning to hit this up but stories of 1.5 hours waiting in line were not fun. thankfully i borrowed a member's card and bypassed the line with new member liz in tow. the exhibit is staged like no other i've seen at the met. i've seen fashion exhibits like vivienne westwood at the deyoung or the golden age of coulture at the v&a, but nothing quite as elaborate. mcqueen spanned all sorts of styles from s&m to romanticism, and this exhibit incorporates teh gowns with not only videos but some extra specials which i don't wanna give away. my fav was the romantic patriotism pieces. this one in particular.

also i didn't know about his "bumster" pants, which i also liked. liked his quote the lower back being the sexiest place on the body.

i highly recommend catching this exhibit before it closes august 7.

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