Sunday, November 24, 2013

basia @ bowery

i've been a fan of basia bulat for a while now. ever since i heard her cover of sam cooke's "hem of his garment" i was in love. last night, on a cold evening in manhattan i knew the evening was going to be delightful. sam cooke was playing prior to basia taking the stage. jac and i had a mini dance party. the show wasn't sold out, which made me a little sad since she's quite the talent. needless to say those who where in the audience were enraptured by her prowess on autoharp. one of the amazing things was that you could hear a pin drop during her solo bits. that's a rare, rare occurrence at bowery since there is always bound to be talkers at the back bar. not last night. fans were there because there were there for the music. i loved it and i wished more concert i went to had this atmosphere. 


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