Tuesday, October 14, 2008

moma: kirchner trumps van gogh

over hyped exhibit: van gogh and the colors of the night at moma. i've been hearing people talk about the amazing vg show. it wasn't bad and was good but not mind blowing. i guess van gogh has been around forever evah evah so not much new can be said. seriously how many times have you seen starry night on an umbrella, tote or a college freshman's wall. really?

i don't mean to diss vince. it gets the people in moma for a crazy entrance price. thanks mel for letting me be you. people do mistake us once in a blue moon. you know us asians look a like.

best pleasant surprise: kirchner and the berlin streets. i was not familar with this german expressionist, but his angular shaped abstractions defintely caught my eye. made me feel all bougey pre-WW1. made regret not checking out berlin all the times i passed through on my way to other european destinations. anyone wanna go to berlin? i'll wear a feather in my hat like the lady in green.

check out the kirchner exhibit
before it closes november 10.

must construction walk thru: home delivery: fabricating the modern dwelling. i saw this in construction months ago when i was in line for the sigur ros concert, so i was jazzed when it was up. i only hit up the outdoors bits because i was tight on time, but i made me feel like i was walking through upscale readymade constructed homes. i was a fan of burst*008 and micro compact home.

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