Friday, April 24, 2009

fltgc: dance of the machine gun and seeds of the wild

must newly opened exhibit: hernan bas at lehmann maupin (les). his brand spanking new exhibit, the dance of the machine gun & other forms of unpopular expression was small, but still very reminiscent of what i saw at brooklyn museum and the armory. julia and saki were on hand for this expedition to the les outfit that laid claim to quite the fancy loft space.

artist sighting of the day: hernan bas. i had to contain my surprise when i saw mr. bas ushering a pal through his exhibit. saki thinks he was on a date. i might have to agree. i was lame and couldn't bring myself to compliment him on this mermaids exhibit that i loved at bk museum.

that's two artist sightings for fltgc.
first was when we saw ryan mcginley at team gallery.

random gallery pop by: seeds of the wild at puffin room. lots of very organic pieces from japan to central europe. i was immediately dra
wn to manami hayasaki's triangle of bugs. it made me think of ester (bug keeper extraordinaire at the san diego zoo).

look at who makes a special appearance.

julia was taken by xin song's vast mural with intricate cut outs.

i liked doug groupp play of imagery. sorta surreally a la dali.

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