Tuesday, April 7, 2009

npr music rocks my socks off

all time best music exclusives: npr music. okay, i can't say enough about npr and it's not because i used to work for them. this month they have blown me away with the content they've put up. from jason lytle's sesh at sxsw to the blind pilot vid, they just keeping coming out with the best extra EXTRAS. there's talks of first listens for jason lytle, mirah and dylan's new albums. here is a checklist of the best of this month (and a little from last month):
sorry i can't embed, but load these suckers into your npr player and press play. you will be in music heaven.

1 comment:

kristin farr said...

totally agree. AND they put up live sets with Mates of State and Black Kids this week! NPR knows what's up.

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