Thursday, October 21, 2010

fltgc: james turrell at gagosian & little art book pop-up gallery

must early fltgc: it ain't friday, but i wish it were, so shar's a gallery crawlin'. i suppose i started yesterday, but i've had to make up for a lack of artsy goodness in general for the past months of lunches at my desk. first up, james turrell at the gagosian. it's a sensory exhibit of lighting that harks back to this fltgc and the works of dan flavin. (note to self: must go to dan flavin institute upon my return to ny)

next, the little art book pop-up gallery. from the sign below you will see that i didn't get in. was not a quick sandwich and i could see pretty much the art on display from the window. it's up until 23 october, so londoners get your prints before it closes shop.

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