Wednesday, March 3, 2010

fltgc pre-game: whitney biennial

best fltgc pregame: whitney biennial. shar's been essentially pregaming since december. what's better is that additional bonus of danny meyer's sandwiched for fuel in the cafe though it was a little bit of a disappointment for the hooplah.

compared to the last biennial (missed you kristin), i first noticed the greater addition of video to the show, from emily roysdon's dancers to kate gilmore's performance art. my college pal who was visiting reminded me that babette mangolte taught film at ucsd. i totally remembered taking her for my vis 84: history of film course. crazy how she's in the biennial. i knew all the kids were saying how accomplished she was, but all i remember was the hair and the thick accent.

noticed two deitch alums, tauba auerbach and aurel schmindt, included in the 2010 mix. james casebere's landscape of houses reminds me of this. so much art, but on the whole i thought the exhibit was largely established artist versus new and unknown talents.

don't forget to check out collecting biennial. it's amazing to see past artists and the corresponding year's they participated in. another new revelation that my pal also told me about was that barbara kruger taught at ucsd. she was there after my stint in la jolla. she has shown at the 1983, 1985 and 1987 biennials. dude, maybe i should have majored instead of minored in visual arts.

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kristin farr said...

awww Shar! What an amazing compliment, thank you. i have a house waiting for you!

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