Sunday, July 4, 2010

music vid weekend wrap-up

must make-up for lack of music vids posting: sorry friends! the lack of interweb in my flat has drastically caused me to neglect posting vids i've come across. so here are a few shar's stumbled upon that i've found to be noteworthy.

sad shar got shut out of their gig at barfly this past thursday and couldn't make their gig at rough trade the day before because of bss. wish i ran into this session. looks like it was outside victoria park. thanks mie for cluing me in.

belated discovery: patrick watson with the late, great lhasa covering elliot smith's "between the bars". another great fiume night session by vincent moon.

OMG! in my bk hood, would have loved to walk by them filming. funny saw horse feathers at union hall over a year back. hope to catch up with them at the end of the road fest.

also hope to catch the antlers at the aforementioned fest. looks like they filmed a black cab session in my new hood, N1 (that's islington non-uk friends)

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